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OPIMsoft Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on development and application of software on offshore oil & gas pipeline. We strive to provide offshore pipeline software solutions covering design, installation and operation phases for customers of offshore pipeline industry all over the world.

The company currently has two main product lines:

OPLAS Offshore Pipeline Laying Analysis System

OPIES Offshore Pipeline Integrity Evaluation System

  OPLAS Offshore Pipeline Laying Analysis System -- Analysis Toolkit for Offshore Pipeline Laying

OPLAS Offshore Pipeline Laying Analysis System is a software product for offshore pipeline laying analysis. OPLAS not only provides a completely independent offshore pipeline laying analysis software LAYPIPE, but also provides efficient auxiliary tools such as OFFPIPE Assistant for offshore pipeline installation engineers who use traditional laying analysis software OFFPIPE. Using OPLAS can greatly improve the efficiency and quality of offshore pipeline laying design.

OPLAS Offshore Pipeline Laying Analysis System includes 12 software modules belonging to 7 functional categories:

  LAYPIPE: Static and dynamic 2D and 3D finite element analysis of normal laying, abandonment / recovery, davit lift, current and spectrum analysis.

  OFFPIPE Assistant: Get best laybarge / stinger profile and tension which produce minimum pipeline stress.

  Stinger Builder: Build detailed models of laybarge & stinger for OFFPIPE Assistant and get roller coordinates.

  Ramberg-Osgood Convertor: Get Ramberg-Osgood parameters of pipeline.

  OFFPIPE Grapher: Chart OFFPIPE output file, show maximum values, and get a filtered output file.

  OFFPIPE WaveSpec: Simulate wave spectrum according to OFFPIPE algorithm. Get the key analysis time area.

  Concrete Crushing Checker: Analyze the crushing problem of concrete layer of submarine pipeline during laying process.

  Post Trenching Analyzer: Analyze stress state of buried submarine pipeline in the process of trenching and burying after laying based on finite element method.

  Landfall Pull Analyzer: Analyze winch tension of submarine pipeline in the process of landing construction.

  Riser and Spool Piece Lifting Analyzer: Modeling and Analyze spool piece during lifting.

  Float-Drag Analyzer: Analyze stress state of submarine pipeline during installation by float-drag method based on FEM.

  LayCABLE: Calculate coordinate, angle, tension of submarine cable during laying according to catenary theory.

  OPIES Offshore Pipeline Integrity Evaluation System -- Analysis Toolkit for design and operation stage of offshore pipeline

OPIES Offshore Pipeline Integrity Evaluation System is a software product for offshore pipeline integrity management and evaluation. It not only provides a set of software data management platform for offshore pipeline design, inspection, risk, maintenance and other data according to relevant standards of offshore pipeline integrity, but also provides users with extremely rich special calculation and analysis modules for subsea pipeline integrity. These modules cover almost all analysis and checking items involved in design and operation of offshore pipelines.

Using these modules, users can independently analyze and evaluate almost all relevant calculation projects of offshore pipeline, so as to realize high-efficiency and high-quality offshore pipeline integrity management or design.

OPIES Offshore Pipeline Integrity Evaluation System includes 16 software modules belonging to 8 functional categories:

  DNVGL-ST-F101 Checker: Check design limit state criteria in DNVGL-ST-F101, including 2000, 2007, 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2017.

  HotPIPE: Get thermal force and elongation of pipe-in-pipe system.

  Seismic Analyzer: Get earthquake induced characteristic loads on pipeline.

  Vertical Stability Checker: Check vertical on-bottom stability of offshore pipelines.

  StablePIPE: Designed and evaluate bottom stability of offshore pipeline according to DNVGL-RP-F109.

  Bar Buckling Checker: Check bar buckling of offshore pipelines.

  Upheaval Buckling Analyzer: Get maximum bending moment of offshore pipelines with upheaval buckling.

  FreeSpan: Analyze vortex induced vibration and stability of offshore pipeline caused by free span based on DNVGL-RP-F105.

  Pipeline Corrosion Engineer: Analyze corrosion rate of carbon steel pipeline and evaluate risk of pipeline failure.

  Water Hammer Calculator: Calculate water hammer pressure of liquid petroleum pipelines.

  OPIMS Offshore Pipeline Integrity Management System: Manage the integrity of design, inspection, risk and maintenance data of offshore pipeline.

  ICDA Engineer: Conduct Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment (ICDA) for petroleum / gas pipeline.

  DNVGL-RP-F101 Checker: Conduct assessment of corroded pipelines in compliance with DNVGL-RP-F101 Part A.

  PIP Bend Calculator: Calculate tangent length of bend for pipe-in-pipe system.

  AGA Batch Calculator: Simulates keyboard operation to run all the input files of AGA / PRCI OBS automatically.

  Pipe Weight Calculator: Calculate weight and inertia moment of pipeline.

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