OPIMsoft -- Expert on Offshore Pipeline Software Solution
  About OPIMsoft

OPIMsoft Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on offshore oil & gas pipeline software solutions. The company has several senior offshore engineering experts and software experts, with strong development strength. OPIMsoft software takes the cross combination of offshore pipeline professional technology and software development technology as core competitiveness, and is the leader in R & D field of offshore oil and gas pipeline software solutions in China.

OPIMsoft owns offshore pipeline laying FEA system with independent intellectual property rights & international level, as well as powerful offshore pipeline integrity management & evaluation system. The company has established a complete software product line covering all sectors such as offshore pipeline design, analysis, evaluation and management, and is committed to providing high-quality and efficient software products and services to customers in global offshore oil and gas pipeline industry.

  Company Object

In design, installation and operation of offshore pipeline, a large number of software tools need to be used. According to statistics, there are dozens of software specially used for relevant calculation and analysis of offshore pipeline, which are provided by dozens of suppliers or independently developed by users. This situation brings great inconvenience and trouble to offshore pipeline practitioners. The object of OPIMsoft is to integrate complex offshore pipeline software resources and provide customers in the offshore pipeline industry with overall software solutions convenient for procurement, training and after-sales according to their specific needs.

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