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We accept payment by PayPal.
PayPal account: support@opimsoft.com
The PayPal payment link is on the right side.

Products License Type
Dongle Edition
OPLAS Offshore Pipeline Laying Analysis System 150,000 $USD / Dongle
OPIES Offshore Pipeline Integrity Evaluation System 150,000 $USD / Dongle

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Pricing Notes:

(1) Maintenance, Upgrades and Support (MUS) charge is 20% of software copy price for 1 year. However, it is free for 1 year from the purchasing date.
(2) Manuals, software and security device will be dispatched upon receipt of the payment.
(3) All charges are exclusive of sales tax and relevant withholding taxes.
(4) All prices quoted are in US Dollars $.

  License Type

We provide dongle version as the default registration type for all products. For other registration types, please contact us.

Dongle Edition:

Authorized by a USB dongle, runs on any PC with the dongle, with perpetual authorization. The price is relatively high. It is recommended for enterprise users to use.
To purchase Dongle Edition, customer need to:
1. Pay through our website.
2. Email his/her real address to support@opimsoft.com.
3. Receive the software license file through e-mail and dongle through DHL.
4. Download the software from our website and replace the original license file with yours.
5. Insert your dongle and Enjoy!

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