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  Technical Support Service

We provide high-quality technical support services to help you solve any problems you encounter when using our products. The services that our technical support engineers can provide include: introducing software functions, recommending analysis programs, recommending modeling methods, etc. When you encounter problems, please contact us immediately.

Ordinary remote technical support services are provided free of charge through e-mail and telephone. Please visit the "CONTACT US" page for more information.

A certain fee will be charged for door-to-door technical support services, including software installation and debugging, use training, etc. Please contact us through email.

  Customized Software Development Service

In addition to providing the finished products directly to customers, we also provide flexible and customized software development services. Typical forms of customized development or cooperative development are listed below:

1. Develop a new software product completely according to requirements of user.

2. We provide core algorithm in form of dynamic link library file (dll), such as finite element analysis algorithm and integrity management algorithm, which can be invoked or encapsulated by the user using their own software.

3. On the basis of the core algorithm of a product or several products, customize the interactive interface according to customer requirements.

4. Other development forms required by users.

  Special Computing Service

We provide various special calculation and analysis services related to offshore pipeline or offshore engineering. Typical services include, but are not limited to, is as the following:

1. Analysis of pipeline laying

2. DNVGL-ST-F101 check

3. Thermal stress analysis

4. Earthquake analysis

5. Buckling analysis

6. Stability analysis

7. Free span analysis

8. Irregularity Analysis

9. Riser analysis

10. Local defect analysis

11. ICDA assessment

12. Up buckle analysis of pipeline in service

13. Corrosion rate analysis

14. Life extension assessment

15. Other calculation, analysis and evaluation

  Other Technical Advisory Services

We can also provide clients with various technical consulting services related to software, offshore oil & gas pipeline, offshore oil & gas engineering. Your needs are our work, your trust is our responsibility. Customers are welcome to negotiate and cooperate with us in any form and seek common development.

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