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DNVGL-RP-F101 Checker is developed for assessment of corroded pipelines in compliance with DNVGL-RP-F101 “Corroded pipelines” Part A. The features of DNVGL-RP-F101 Checker are listed below:

Assessment of single defect: Assessment of a single defect measured with either relative or absolute depth measurements as e.g. for magnetic flux or ultrasonic intelligent pigs.

Additional defects: Multiple isolated defects can be evaluated simultaneously, where each defect is interpreted as a single defect.

Single defect with combined loading: Assessment of an isolated longitudinal defect under internal pressure loading and superimposed longitudinal compressive stresses.

Interacting defects: Assessment of a colony of interacting defects. An Interacting defect is one that interacts with neighbouring defects in an axial or circumferential direction. The failure pressure of an interacting defect is lower than the failure pressure of the individual single defects.

Complex shaped defects: Assessment of complex shaped defects. A Complex Shaped Defect is a defect that results from combining colonies of interacting defects, or a single defect for which a profile is available.

DNVGL-RP-F101 Checker 1
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