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Offshore Standard DNVGL-ST-F101 -- Submarine Pipeline Systems, developed by DET NORSKE VERITAS (DNV), is a widely used standard which gives criteria and guidance on concept development, design, construction, operation and abandonment of Submarine Pipeline Systems.

DNVGL-ST-F101 Checker is a set of PC software developed to check design limit state criteria in Section 5 of DNVGL-ST-F101.

DNVGL-ST-F101 Checker 1
  DNVGL-ST-F101 Checker Main Features

Actually, although DNVGL-ST-F101 Checker is similar with some software of the same kind, it has several more features as following:

1. DNVGL-ST-F101 Checker combines DNVGL-ST-F101 2000, 2007, 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2017 together. Users can choose any version as check criteria.

2. DNVGL-ST-F101 Checker has more functions, such as buckle arrestor capacity check and accidental load check.

3. AUTOPIPE result check. AUTOPIPE result file can be checked by DNVGL-ST-F101 Checker directly and easily.

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