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  LAYPIPE (In Development) Introduction

LAYPIPE is the first domestic commercial offshore pipeline laying analysis software, mainly referring to the industry dominate software OFFPIPE, and has high compatibility and consistency with OFFPIPE.

LAYPIPE not only maintains the advantages of OFFPIPE, such as rich parameters, programmable input, powerful function, but also makes a great deal of improvement and enhancement. Compared with OFFPIPE, the main unique features of LAYPIPE are:

1. The best pipe laying parameters automatic selection. The function is realized by embedding in the main kernel of OFFPIPE Assistant, which can automatically select the best laying parameters in tens of seconds.

2. 2D graphic output and 3D model display. OFFPIPE's graphics output and model real-time display function has always been its weakness. LAYPIPE strengthens the function of 2D graphics display and output, and develops the 3D pipe laybarge and pipe model display function, which is convenient for users.

3. Precise modeling of laybarge. OFFPIPE's laybarge & stinger modeling function is rough, while LAYPIPE is able to establish a precise laybarge & stinger model library for users to call at any time, and can get support roller coordinates rapidly corresponding to the bending radius of pipeline specified by users.

The core technology of LAYPIPE can be provided for customization development or cooperation in any form.

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