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  OPLAS Offshore Pipeline Laying Analysis System Introduction:
  OPIES Offshore Pipeline Integrity Evaluation System Introduction:
  LAYPIPE Introduction

LAYPIPE is a sophisticated, finite element method based computer program. It has been developed specifically for the modeling and structural analysis of nonlinear problems encountered in the installation and operation of offshore pipelines S-Lay. LAYPIPE's analysis capabilities include:

1. Performs static and dynamic pipelaying analyses for a broad range of laybarge and stinger configurations.

2. Fatigue analysis during laying process.

3. Performs pipelay initiation, abandonment and recovery analyses in which a cable is used to raise or lower the pipeline to the seabed.

4. Performs static davit-lift analyses for conventional riser installations and subsea tie-ins.

The main functions of OFFPIPE are realized by the software, which is partially compatible with OFFPIPE in parameter setting and format. Some words in the specification of OFFPIPE are quoted in the following chapters.

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