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  OFFPIPE Grapher Introduction

OFFPIPE Grapher is used to read, filter, chart OFFPIPE output files and show maximum variable values. OFFPIPE was developed specifically for the modeling and structural analysis of nonlinear problems encountered in the installation and operation of offshore pipelines. OFFPIPE Grapher was developed to read and analyze OFFPIPE output files rapidly in pre-design stage of offshore pipeline installation.

OFFPIPE Grapher 1
  OFFPIPE Grapher Key Features

1. Read OFFPIPE output files.

2. Filter specified OFFPIPE output file and generate a filtered output file which contains only analysis results.

3. Chart specified OFFPIPE output file, show the data in several plots which can be saved as BMP files.

4. Find out touchdown point, maximum moment, reaction, total stress/strain and stress/strain percent.

It should be noted that only static, 2-D, and SI OFFPIPE output files are supported by OFFPIPE Grapher.

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