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  OPIMS Data Manager (In Development) Introduction

OPIMS is Offshore Pipeline Integrity Management System, which is used for integrity management of a large number of offshore pipeline design, detection, risk, maintenance and other data. The software uses C/S architecture, that is, client / server architecture. Users can quickly access pipeline data stored on the server side through the client, which is very suitable for the company's internal LAN environment. The whole software uses a simple pagination display mode, the user can click the different levels of tags above the interface to achieve rapid access to each module of the software, which can effectively improve work efficiency.

The main functions of the software include the following parts:

1. Pipeline data module;

2. Risk assessment module;

3. Inspection and maintenance data module;

4. Special calculation and analysis module.

The software can be customized and developed according to user requirements.

OPIMS Data Manager (In Development) 1OPIMS Data Manager (In Development) 2
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