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Ramberg-Osgood Convertor is developed to transform Ramberg-Osgood equation from stress-strain form to moment-curvature form for offshore pipelines. Users can also apply this software to pipe with any type of materials and dimensions by input custom parameters.

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  Ramberg-Osgood Convertor Key Features
Easy and standard input

A range of offshore pipeline steel types, API standard pipe sizes (OD in inches) and wall thicknesses from API "Specification for Line Pipe" (2000) are provided in the software, which can be input by simply clicking on the down arrow. The relevant yield stresses, Ramberg-Osgood parameters in stress-strain form, elastic modulus and outside diameters then appear in the appropriate boxes. Users can also input custom parameters for special pipelines.

Rapid and precise transform

For any input, the transform will be completed in several seconds. 2^12 integration points are adopted to integrate the cross section of pipelines and 2^7 data points are adopted to fit the Ramberg-Osgood parameters in moment-curvature form.

Multiple pipe layers supported

Multiple pipe layers input is supported by Ramberg-Osgood Convertor. Users can input 5 pipe layers at most.

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