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  Stinger Builder Introduction

Stinger Builder is developed to build precise laybarge and stinger model for OFFPIPE Assistant, from which support roller coordinates are generated according to dimension and bending radius of the pipeline. By comparing thousands of stinger profile, Stinger Builder can provide best stinger profile which makes the Y coordinates of stinger tip roller lowest. The support roller coordinates can be used by other commercial offshore pipeline analysis software, such as OFFPIPE.

Stinger Builder 1Stinger Builder 2
  Stinger Builder Key Features
Easy and precise laybarge and stinger modeling

It is easy for user using Stinger Builder to construct precise model of laybarge and stinger by filling some blanks. The model can be saved as model file and read by the software directly. Users can get support roller coordinates rapidly corresponding to the bending radius of pipeline specified by users. This function makes it possible to build a laybarge model database of a company, which can be called directly in calculation.

Rapid and precise calculation

For any input, the calculation will be completed in a very short time. All factors influence the support roller coordinates are considered during calculation, even the outside diameter of pipeline. Both maximum allowed error and calculation precision can be adjusted by user.

Standard output and stinger model show

When the calculation completed, support roller coordinates will show in standard input format of OFFPIPE, users can directly copy the output result and paste it into OFFPIPE input files. The 2D and 3D stinger model will show in a figure and the configuration of laybarge and stinger will be provided as well.

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