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OFFPIPE Grapher 1.0.4 (Latest Version):

Online on July 15, 2016
1. Improved interface apperance.
2. Improved compatibility with OFFPIPE 3.
3. Added main menu and tool bar.
4. View filtered OFFPIPE input file directly on interface.

OFFPIPE Grapher 1.0.3:

Online on April 17, 2015
1. Improved compatibility in Windows 7.
2. Apperance adjusted slightly.
3. Be a sub software of OFFPIPE Enhancement Toolbox.

OFFPIPE Grapher 1.0.2:

Online on December 4, 2013
1. Added the option to save picture as bmp or wmf file.

OFFPIPE Grapher 1.0.1:

Online on September 30, 2011
1. Start logo added.
2. Show the path of current file.
3. 'Refresh' button added.
4. Add a prefix 'Filtered-' to filtered file name.

OFFPIPE Grapher 1.0.0 (Original Version):

Online on May 6, 2011

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