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Stinger Builder 2.0.2 (Latest Version):

Online on July 15, 2016
1. Improved interface apperance.
2. Fixed a bug that the system hot key Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V are invalid.

Stinger Builder 2.0.1:

Online on April 17, 2015
1. Improved compatibility in Windows 7.
2. Apperance adjusted slightly.

Stinger Builder 2.0.0:

Online on February 12, 2014
1. Significantly improved the software interface and appearance.

Stinger Builder 1.0.8:

Online on October 21, 2013
1. Fixed a calculation bug which may cause Error Value invalid.
2. Be a sub software of OFFPIPE Enhancement Toolbox.

Stinger Builder 1.0.7:

Online on June 7, 2013
1. A too big "Error" value may cause calculation collapse, version 1.0.7 improved this greatly and a hint is added to remind user not to input error value greater than 1000.
2. Fixed a bug about OFFPIPE View which may cause many decimal places showed.
3. In last version, when stinger scope type is specified as "Link", sometimes no result can be generated, version 1.0.7 fixed this bug.
4. Fixed a calculation bug which may cause program collapse.
5. Adjusted the default values of "Precision".

Stinger Builder 1.0.6:

Online on September 26, 2012
1. Supports minus value of roller height now.
2. Fixed some calculation bugs which may cause program collapse.

Stinger Builder 1.0.5:

Online on December 27, 2011
1. Barge rollers before tensioners added.
2. Stinger section number can be specified as zero.
3. Added pipeline angle input at the last tensioner.
4. Added discontinuous stinger angle scope input.
5. Added OFFPIPE format view of result.
6. Modified tensioner profile in 3D view.
7. Added whether to permit error occurs selection item for each roller support.
8. Increased calculation speed greatly.

Stinger Builder 1.0.4:

Online on November 4, 2011
1. Increase stinger angle limit input.
2. Unit of angle is changed to degree.
3. Default Precision value is generated automatically.
4. Reference plane selection groupbox is canceled.
5. Laybarge Configuration frame is moved to Page 1.
6. Fixed some bugs when pipeline angle is above 90 degree.
7. When save model, default file name is current file name.
8. Increased roller height step length input.

Stinger Builder 1.0.3:

Online on October 9, 2011
1. Improved the calculation method, which generates more precise result.
2. Added Max Error input, which makes some results available that can not be generated before, if within the Max Error. The result with error will show in red or blue.
3. Added Precision input to control balance between calculation precision and speed.
4. Improved large model show to ensure that the picture show is proportional.
5. Added Roller State, Light #2 and Barge show control button in 3D view window.
6. Pictures can be saved as BMP file or WMF file.
7. Increased the result precision to 0.1 mm.
8. All pictures clear when no result can be generated.
9. Fixed a bug which may cause error when pipeline radius is too small.

Stinger Builder 1.0.2:

Online on September 22, 2011
1. Start logo added.
2. Fixed a bug about array initialization, which causes collapse when run calculation for multi-times.
3. Reduced the exe file volume.

Stinger Builder 1.0.1:

Online on June 10, 2011
1. Help chm file added.
2. 3D show added.
3. Fixed a bug about model show of stinger with only one section.
4. Corrected an error about upchord angle calculation.

Stinger Builder 1.0.0 (Original Version):

Online on May 4, 2011

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